New Arrivals!

Two-Tone Black/Brass is here!!!!!

After a successful test run in Tucson the two-tone black/brass beads have arrived from India.

We currently have this great new finish in 6 styles of beads:

  • BBSCR4 4mm Flying Saucer
  • BBSCR5 5mm Flying Saucer
  • BB064 2 x 4mm Heishi
  • BB065a 1.5mm x 5mm Heishi
  • BBCN3 3.5mm Bicone
  • BBRND4 4mm Round


Java glass beads are here!

And it’s only just begun…

…there is more coming…much more.

Go Shopping > Beads > Java Glass

Jade is coming to the website!

NOTE: All jade items will be sold in wholesale lots of 10pcs only. Mixed colors.

(new bamboo cut jade pendants…now listed!)


New Brass Malas – Skulls & Buddhas!!!

BBSKM1 30″ Brass Skull Mala, 108 Beads

Available in Brass, Antique Copper & Black Finish

$25 strand

$20 ea/5+ pcs


BBSKM2 32″ Brass Skull Mala, 108 Beads

$30 strand

$25 ea/4+ pcs


BBBM 42″ Brass Buddha Mala, 108 Beads

$35 strand

$30 ea/3+ pcs


Did you know we now have 4 sizes in machined round beads (no seam)? Multiple finishes available in each including brass, silver plate, copper plate, antique copper plate, gold finish and black finish (not all finishes are available in every size).