Metal Pricing

Unfortunately silver prices continue to climb and we are being forced to adjust. We will try to keep this page up to date as much as possible with the current prices – but – prices are subject to change without notice and your price will be based on current rate which may differ.

PLEASE NOTE: All Hilltribe silver purchases are based on total weight of silver in your order. Discounts will be calculated by us before order is finalized. Items may be mixed and matched to obtain quantity discounts. Prices listed on the website are merely estimates based on the purchase of the single item listed, not taking into account any further discounts when combined with other items.

(e.g. if an items weighs 10 grams it is calculated at $2.50/gm, or $25. But if that items is combined with others and the total weight of the silver reaches 120 grams, the gram price for that original item will be based on the 100+gm price level, $2.20/gm, and the same item would cost $22.) 

* * * * * 

Hilltribe Silver Pricing

1-49 grams…..$2.50gm

50-99 grams…..$2.25/gram
100-399 grams…..$2.10/gram

400+ grams…..$2.00/gram