We want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth in Tucson – it was an amazing turnout! It was a great opportunity for us to finally show off all the new and exciting merchandise we’ve been buying over the past year. It will never ALL get onto the website folks, and seeing us at a show is still the best way to see the widest selection of our wares. There is always something unique or only available in limited quantity. Check out our show calendar and come see us if you can!

A big thank you to Steve for coming back to help us out and be there in person to “pass the torch”. Despite retirement he still has his show chops! I know a lot of old friends and customers were happy to see him. He says he’s coming back next year and we would certainly welcome him with open arms – as would many of you.


Java glass beads are here!

And it’s only just begun…

…there is more coming…much more.

Go Shopping > Beads > Java Glass


Jade is coming to the website!

NOTE: All jade items will be sold in wholesale lots of 10pcs only. Mixed colors.

(new bamboo cut jade pendants…now listed!)


Working on getting all (er, most)

of the small brass statues and

pendants on the website…